My Soul Cries… It’s About Relationship

I met a young girl who was unafraid to look within!

She didn’t follow trends or try to be like her friends.

She valued relationships, but placed one above others

it was the relationship she had with herself, and that girl was ME.

It’s all about the relationship! No one likes being in a relationship alone. And guess what? God desires a relationship!

My Soul Cries… Holy, Holy, Holy is about building a relationship with God & yourself.

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One thought on “My Soul Cries… It’s About Relationship

  1. . Was glad to see you all the other day at QT. You are right about the relations is what God wants. Wants relationships with in the body of Christ .These day that is hard to do.That’s not the way it is we like to think it does but it’s not that today world. God knew it would be this way.The Holy Spirit can’t work like He used to be able. Amen.Buy the way I liked your dress. Have a good one.

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