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My Soul Cries… Holy, Holy, Holy (Building Child-Life Faith Through Simple, Devotional Inspirations); Revised, August 23, 2022, available now on Amazon

It’s all about the relationship! No one likes being in a relationship alone. No one wants to be the only person putting in the effort and energy to build something strong, solid, and intimate.

God desires a relationship! The Father with his children (individuals); the Savior Jesus Christ, with his bride (the church); the Holy Spirit (as inherent Comforter and guide).

What Readers are saying so far about My Soul Cries…

“Excellent read, very insightful and relevant!”Derrick Smith, Deacon, Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ

“I was encouraged by the few pages I read. I believe this book will greatly inspire all who read it.” -Gladys Wilborn, Grace & Truth Baptist Church Pantry Leader

“Glory be to God for those who will seek God to have a closer relationship with him. Someone willing to let go and let God’s will be done in their life will find My Soul Cries… Holy, Holy, Holy to be great spiritual food.” -Stephanie Smith, Former Peer Specialist (Addiction)

Poetry Book - 2016
Second Published Book – 2016

Emotionally Charged: A Poetic Journey in the Issues of Life; Amazon, 2016 – Life is a journey. Every person’s life takes a path that leads them to different places at different times. In the end, our life is an accumulation of our responses to all we have experienced, rather in defeat or as the victor. Therein lies the beauty and sorrow of the journey of life with its emotional highs and lows. Buckle up your heartstrings on this Emotionally Charged journey where life issues arise and words escape utterance as the heart wrestles with itself.

First Published Book – 2011

My Soul Cries… Holy, Holy, Holy (Building Child-Life Faith Through Simple Inspirations); AuthorHouse, 2011 – God had been dealing with me on some issues in my life that required an inward change to walk upright on this Christian journey. In a moment of child-like surrender, I heard God whisper…”Why do my children want the best of what I have to offer, but they refuse to make the sacrifices necessary to prosper in Me…?” The desires of Christ should become the desires of those who believe in Christ. For this reason…My Soul Cries…Holy, Holy, Holy

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