In preparing for work this morning, I thought these random thoughts worthy of sharing:

  • If I tell you to have faith but I walk by sightcontradiction
  • If I talk about victory and but live defeatedcontradiction
  • If I say trust God but seek Man as my source … contradiction
  • If I sing praises unto God but am ungratefulcontradiction
  • If they need Jesus but I never share the gospelcontradiction
  • If I cry woe is me but never seek the Comfortercontradiction
  • If I write about joy but my attitude is wretchedcontradiction
  • If Christ is head of my life but my flesh reignscontradiction
  • If I love Jesus but hate any person for any reason … contradiction
  • If I have a church home but seldom attend & supportcontradiction
  • If God’s Word is true but I agree with the world’s viewcontradiction
  • If I’m God’s child but He has no authority in my lifecontradiction
  • If I judge people’s sin and believe I’m righteouscontradiction
  • If I’m always giving advice but won’t take correctioncontradiction
  • If I post this in all humility as my random thoughts on today and someone takes it personal and is offendedit’s a


[Eternal security is found “in Christ” and there is a plan already in place to guide you to that road: Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:12, 10:9; 1 John 1:9]

Copyright © Speak True Life, Wanda J. Murry, January 30, 2019

10 thoughts on “Contradictions?

  1. As I sit here dreading a conference call this morning, God KNEW I needed these words! I claim HIS authority for doing what is right!!! Thank you Ms. Wanda for posting this at just the right time!

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    1. kmcflutist68 I’m so happy for the interaction & to know this blessed you today. You are VICTORIOUS! If we are honest, we don’t always pass our individual faith tests. Yet, God uses every victory & failure as part of the sanctification process to help us grow & mature so that our Stand “in Christ” grows stronger. It’s all a process & none can judge because we’re all at different levels. Thanks for reading and your response!!

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    1. T. Nolan, Thanks for reading. Your post in Mindful Morning wherein you say, “God created every single one of us with a purpose. There is a special work in you that is instrumental to the Kingdom of God.” was really a great confirmation for me that speaking and sharing God’s truth is very much a part of my purpose – writing & words and putting those together in a simple way that inspires others is why I write for Him, about Him, to celebrate Him. And every time I accomplish a post, or FB note, or even a book, I feel that I am living out God’s purpose for me. And because of that, it’s even more necessary to pass the tests that come my way.


    1. Ms. Deanna, you are truly welcome. Remind yourself that we have an adversary whose main job is to keep us from experiencing & walking in God’s power. The only way to tap into God’s power, is to stay close to Him (His Word & Prayer). It’s the only way we can overcome the attacks that tear us down. Love you, and I’ll lift you in prayer!!


  2. My Gosh!!! My wife and I have come to a cross roads in certain interactions with people. We have had to make some painful choices to take steps back, but we are trusting that God will honor our unwillingness to compromise our testimony. This reminded me that what we wish to see lays beyond a hill called obedience. I love this. Blessings.


    1. John, my heart is blessed that this post resonated with you and others. Your truth should be every believer’s truth: our unwillingness to compromise our testimony! Our testimonies always lead back to God and He deserves the highest praise through the life He has given us!

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