I Am God’s Workmanship!

Maturity comes through a day-to-day process of growing in knowledge and understanding. In Christ, not only am I a new creature, but I am the Bride & a joint heir to the heavenly kingdom. My position “in Christ” is a continual journey of being washed, molded, pruned, encouraged, chastised, and renewed in heart, mind, and soul. Sanctification under God comes with trials and challenges. Yet, the rewards that accompany freedoms from sin, spiritual growth & maturity, and eternal life with God are worth the journey with Him.

Don’t look for perfection here – there is none. Instead, you will find the flaws of mankind openly exposed through words, poetry, music, and (soon to come) podcasts. As a new creature, my mission is to explore, examine, and point out the importance of relationships:

  • A relationship with God – His Gift of Love Through Salvation
  • A relationship with Self – Your Value & Importance in Life
  • A relationship with Others – Perfecting the Present & Future

My only goal with Speak True Life is to 1) Point your mind to the redeeming work at the cross by Jesus Christ; 2) Inspire intimate self-examination of your life to develop your faith; and 3) Encourage the adoption of God-inspired changes & practices that elevate the relationships that matter most in life.

Speak True Life

To Celebrate New Life

In Christ!

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