I’m God’s Workmanship!

Day-by-day I am being molded, shaped, pruned, chastised, purged, washed, encouraged, inspired, and made anew into the godly woman God has before ordained me to be.  It doesn’t always feel good – but the TRUTH has set me free. The reward of eternal life with God will be more than worth it!

Everything you read on this blog, in my books, and in everything that I write or create are in direct tribute to His work in me and through me.  I am NOT MY OWN – I am a NE W CREATURE!

I have only three (3) goals to my writing:

  1. To shine the light, Jesus Christ-the Savior, and his redemptive work at the cross for all mankind – into the world;

  2. To inspire individual, intimate, self-examination for stedfast, unmoveable faith development in the work of the Lord; and

  3. To encourage all to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ before altogether rejecting the God-inspired biblical account of the Gospel Story through a local bible-teaching church.

I am Free – I am New – I have True Life

This is what I Speak – This is what I Celebrate

In Christ!

Free to Live for Jesus Christ
I Am Free To Speak True Life

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About Me

Just call me Ms. Wanda. I love to write to inspire, edify, entertain. This blog is the voice of my heart. My goal is to shine a light on Christ and to talk about the issues of life. This blog contains quotes, devotions, poetry, short stories, and more, personally written by me. A few things about me are:

  • believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and attend Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri.
  • I currently have 2 books on the market. My Soul Cries…Holy, Holy, Holy (under my former name Myers), and Emotionally Charged: A Poetic Journey in the Issues of Life. Both books are available on Amazon.com.
  • As God’s workmanship, I work through issues one day at a time. I aim to represent Jesus Christ in the best light. Sometimes, I fall short.
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Your comments encourage me and I would LOVE to hear from you. If you read something that speaks to you, it would be a blessing to know that. I will make every attempt to respond within 24-hours, but please be patient with me if it takes a little longer.