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I have been in personal hiatus lately, meaning, I’ve spent lots of time alone. There are a few reasons for this need at this moment. Life has been a little topsy-turvy and cumbersome over the last few years. Trying to find my footing through events, circumstances, hills, and valleys requires personal reflection. I am grateful for the journey, and the lessons being learned. For times such as these, the growth and outcomes generated are profitable, leading to the place of much-needed serenity and peace.

Some people look at being alone as something taboo. For me, it’s one side of my personality I have to indulge in and balance. I’m an introvert who has learned to socialize like an extrovert in various settings. Being quite reticent, I spend time internalizing life (mine, others, the world we live in, etc., etc., etc.). Summoning memories of my youth confirm writing as a natural place to dispose of my uncomfortable thoughts. Writing has become my road to sanity; a place I can’t deny to extinguish the ugliness of negative emotions. I chose to empty my thoughts on paper rather than wreck my limited relationships through verbal carnage.

This weekend I learned something in my hiatus important to me as an individual. As much as I enjoy my alone time, I still need my community! I googled the word community for the relevant definition and found it – the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common [1] Although I enjoy my periods of alone time, I don’t want to be alone all the time. Socializing provides laughter and deep conversations about God, family, and all things life-related. In those times, I feel a part of something intensely gratifying. My heart warmly enthralled with God in knowing I am alone only when I choose to be.

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Being a part of a community of like-minded people who care for you creates a sense of connection. A church community joins like-minded believers into a body that guides and cares for your salvation, spiritual growth, and servanthood. In a job community, some people help you develop skill sets for career elevation. The community of family fosters a place of unconditional love, encouragement, protection, and treasured examples of leadership.

This weekend I joined another community. An affinity of writers and would-be writers called to tell their stories. Memoirs, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, devotionals, bible studies, etc., an amazing expanse of creativity. I needed this community with whom I could share this part of my life. They host my passion to share and enthusiastically celebrate life on its terms. In this place, encouragement and support abound. Without hesitation, it is the solid ground upon which to plant my author’s feet as I grow into the writer I am destined to become.

At the end of the day, we all need COMMUNITY.

[1]; 2 [mass noun]

7 thoughts on “COMMUNITY

  1. I’d be very interested to hear from those who feel overwhelmed with busyness on how they rest and relieve the pressures of from the multitude of things they’re responsible for??


  2. Very well put, sis. I never thought of the word condition as being a condition. I always viewed it as a geographical location and have been irritated by phrases such as “international community”, “business community”, and “Black community”. I rejoice with you in finding this writer’s community.

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    1. Thanks, Brother. It’s another place to grow in that area I enjoy about me. For me, the negativity comes when someone attempts to step higher and become “ruler” of the community where people give of themselves as a personal commitment; not to have someone attempt to control their commitment. That’s how it translates in my mind. Appreciate you!


  3. I can relate to everything you wrote here. In my case, accepting and even loving to be by myself was a sign of emotional and spiritual growing. I used to feel so panicked when it came to be alone, even more…one of my greatest fears was to be isolated. Now, my time alone is a special time with Christ, a time I treasure and dedicate to let Him heal me, away from the crowded world.
    Your writing is so deep and beautiful, thank you for sharing your inner light! 🙏😍💕


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