Talk To Me

Do you ever think about your communication style? Or, are you content with just uttering whatever comes to mind?

In Matthew 6:7, Jesus addresses the vain repetitions that many use in their conversations (prayers) with God. The point Jesus is making is that God wants our communication with him to be more intimate versus just our much speaking. Therein lies the communication breakdown.

People have called me an interrogator for asking intimate and personal questions that go beyond the surface interaction. Of course, that is not my intention. I’m not trying to get all up in their business. I like getting to know people and equate it with gaining both knowledge and understanding that allows me to know them. The process requires a two-way street.

Accordingly, when our goal is to minister to others, there has to be an even exchange of information. It’s up to us to demonstrate a genuine interest in the person to avoid the appearance of having an ulterior motive. Otherwise, our communications may come off as intrusive.

In our current climate, while some want to whine, others want to share their lives with others to feel connected and not alone in this world. Find a way to put out a welcoming sign that beckons:


2 thoughts on “Talk To Me

  1. To me communication takes time especially for someone you just met or meeting. Summation is a quick fix for some,I prefer discernment in communicating with someone,where to start and how far to go ,and to make my motives are plain.As this song went,you have to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em,

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    1. Truth & I like “summation is a quick fix…” It’s a working progression that when done right & with discernment, makes clear “…when to hold’em & fold’em!!” ❤️❤️❤️ LOVE your words & wisdom!!


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