In A Relationship With God

The basis for all the others…

I was 11 years old when I first began to hear about the God I would later come to love. He was a mysterious stranger that intrigued me. I read the stories about him in my children’s bible. I listened intently to the lessons the teachers taught about all the things he did for me. My young mind was in awe of this invisible person who took on flesh like mine but was a Spirit-being.

It wasn’t long before I knew that I wanted what he was offering. This Jesus, who loved me so much that he died for me, drew me in. My mother loved me strongly, but I didn’t know of any man who lovely me this deeply. Plus, at 12 years old, I knew I didn’t like pain; I was sensitive to the hurts of others. So the option of not burning in hell for eternity because someone loved me like this, in my young mind, was a no-brainer.

Over the last 45 years of my life, I have been married to the Lord. I won’t lie: I haven’t been the best wife to him. But, because he has proven to me time and time again that his love for me is unwavering, my heart has desired to become a better wife. My trust in this husband has never been abused, misused, or hurtful. Every day this husband has proven himself faithful, longsuffering, and trustworthy.

Being in a relationship with God is awe-inspiring. I don’t mind sharing His love. He has an abundance of love to spread around to any and everyone who desires to join him in holy spiritual matrimony. I want everyone to experience the love I’ve found in my relationship with Christ, and it’s so simple, a child with understanding can do it.

Just repeat after me:


I know that I am a sinner because sin was passed on to me through Adam, a fallen sinner, according to Romans 5:12, 3:23, and 6:23.

I know to become a child of God, I must be born again, according to John 3:3.

I believe that Jesus was God in the flesh and died, was buried, and rose again. I confess this belief with my mouth and ask you, Lord, to send your Holy Spirit to live within me, according to Romans 10:9-11.

I believe this in my heart, confess it with my mouth that I am now a child of God.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Welcome to the Family of Christ.

You are now in a relationship with God.

(Reach out to me if you accepted the Gift – I’d love to welcome you!)

One thought on “In A Relationship With God

  1. My salvation was a process that lasted just under 5 years from the time I first recognized God’s wooing the Summer of 1977 until the culmination sometime in the late Winter in the first quarter of 1982. My family was not one for church membership or attendance. We didn’t go to church even on Christmas or Easter. But as a child my mother taught me to say the “Now I lay me down to sleep…” prayer at bedtime, so beside the general hearing about him in conversation, I knew there was a God. I also know about him from watching on tv the Lutheran Hour’s Davey and Goliath, being intrigued by the woman in the lower corner of the tv who signed during the broadcast from Thomas Road Baptist Church. I am sure that I heard, but probably did not recognize the message. I had a pretty good upbringing, was taught right from wrong, but not specifically God’s word. So, I grew up thinking I was a good person. As I grew, I was exposed to church goers in school. I considered them goody goody. They would talk of things like living the golden rule, turning the other cheek, or loving their enemies. I even heard then speak of taking the Lord’s name in vain, but not presented with the gospel. I once went to a week long vacation Bible school hosted by Good Samaritan Baptist Church, having been invited by friends and neighbors. I enjoy coloring, listening to the Bible stories which I had not heard before, and making the craft items, but nothing sank into my dry soil of a heart. When I was in high school, I rode the public bus and was exposed to the gospel through Chick tracts that I would find on the benches the back where I sat. I though the cartoons were entertaining, and a bit thought provoking, but I did not understand what it was saying and probably dismissed it because I thought I was good. Afterall, I had not murdered anyone, not shoplifted anything, and only lied to get out of trouble. Later, another kid who lived on my street invited me to a skating party. He was a member of a Baptist church, too. We met at his church and I think while I was there during his piano lesson before leaving for the skating rink, I talked with an adult who ask me to invite Jesus into my heart. Well, I was terrified of having a living man trapped inside my heart, the organ that pumped blood, so that didn’t happen.
    In the Summer of 1977 I had a job that I had started while a sophomore in high school. One day I was on the bus stop on my way to work. I noticed what I considered an elderly woman stopped at the traffic signal. She looked at me and pointed in the direction I was going. I had seen her a few times before and realized she was offering me a ride. I though, sure. If she started something, I was pretty sure I could take her. I got into the car and on the way, she witnessed to me. I did not understand it, but when we got to my job, I exited the car. I am not sure if I ever saw her again. I eventually graduated from high school and went to college in 1979. I met people from many walks of life. I made friends and used to eat in a dormitory dining hall. I generally ate with freshmen and a few others I knew. One day, after a late lab, I arrived after most if not all of the people I generally knew were gone. But one upperclassman, Andrew, who I had met earlier that year was the lone person who looked like me in the hall. I had noticed in previous observation his silent, but genuine and robust praying that he did when he sat down to eat his meals. I sat with him and we talked a little. He tried to present to gospel to me, but I was not hearing it. In fact, I was rude and nasty to him, telling him that “I don’t want to hear that mess.” I think that was the last time I ever talked to him.
    During my sophomore year of college, I ran into someone I had not seen since 4th grade from elementary school. I did not like her because she and two to three other girls used to chase me all the time and hit me. My teacher told me they were just love taps, but I wasn’t hearing that. She gave me an Andre Crouch album (remember those) to listen to. One song I really enjoyed was I’m Looking For You. I still have that album. When I returned home for the Summer, I attended a church with an uncle who is a year older than me. I was interested in going, but could not quite get the antics of the Pentecostal form of worship.
    During Summer break, I organized a bowling league for some of my college mates in a career development organization. One of them was someone I had known since high school. I did not have much to do with her. We went to the same college, but she ran in a different circle than I did and from what I could remember, was kind of cool toward me. Toward the end of the league, about the time for us to return to college, she “casually” asked me how I was going to get back to school. I told her that I had not made plans did not know. She told me that she had recently bought a car and invited me to ride back with her. I accepted and the day for the return arrived. Soon after we started back, Sharon told me that she did not listen to KPRS anymore, but if I wanted to, we could. I told her that I did not mind listening to what she listened to. She said she had gotten saved that Summer and now listened to Christian music. On the drive, we talked about what had happened to her that Summer. She witnessed to me and offered salvation to me. I listened intently to her story, but I was hesitant, and probably did not get what she was saying. That Fall semester during our junior year, I went with her a couple of times to the local church in Rolla she had attended. I even ran into a few of the college staff members who I knew. I finished that semester and went home for Winter break.

    My immediate family consisted of my mother who barely made over a minimum wage and a brother, a senior in high school. I don’t know why, but that Christmas I was anticipating coming home and being showered with Christmas presents. Surely my extended family would celebrate me for being in college. But my mother did not have the financial means to provide me a Walton’s Christmas, let alone a Currier and Ives one. So it was a disappointment, I had fallen victim to the commercial Christmas hype. That was a lonely time of year for me. One night I called what I thought was a friend on the phone and was told he had gone to a party. I thought, “Well, why didn’t he invite me?”
    I continued to experience loneliness after Christmas came and went. One day I called another friend, a fraternity brother, and we made plans to go out on New Year’s Eve. A few days later I visited another uncle of mine at his shoe repair business and told him about my loneliness. In his wisdom, he told me that this was natural, the I was in a bit of a limbo period between childhood and adulthood. I still thought there was something wrong with me, so I went to see a psychologist who encouraged me to initiate a conversation with a total stranger to get me out of my malaise. I decided to try it, so at a food court in the downtown Kansas City City Center Square, I saw a young woman seated alone at a table. I ventured over to her, introduced myself, and talked to her for a while. I was really pleased with myself, but it did not erase the loneliness. I went back home to our apartment on 80th and Troost. When I went inside, I noticed a folded Kansas City Star (or maybe it was The Times), on the coffee table. My eyes somehow focused on a classified ad that read “Lonely, call us”. I hurried to find a phone and dialed the listed number. The gentleman on the other end was pleasant and listened to me. I really cannot remember what I told him, but he told me that “they” had one of their churches not far from me and invited me to meet him there Sunday, which would be New Year’s Day. It turned out that the prayer line was conducted by Calvary Bible College in Belton, Missouri. I agreed and waited for the day. On New Year’s Eve, my fraternity brother and I went to The Fun Factory arcade in Bannister Mall, then a house party. I told him that I could not stay out late because I was “going to church tomorrow”. I made it home early, got up the next morning, and walked the four blocks to the church. I met the gentleman who I had spoken to over the phone. He was not a member of the church, though. I also met wome really friendly people, including someone I knew personally from high school, someone I had seen in junior high school, and someone I had seen in high school. I felt welcomed. I stayed for the service and went home, feeling better about myself. I returned the following week and met a man who was a student at the church affiliated Bible college. He gave me a book, The Liberation of Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay. He encouraged me to read it and the gospel of John from the Bible. I returned to school and eventually opened the books. First I read the gospel of John from a Bible I had gotten from the church. Then, I opened the Hal Lindsay book and read it.
    One day, while I was alone in my room at the frat house and reading the Hal Lindsay book, it seemed like a hundreds of pieces of a puzzle that were floating around in space (not outerspace), all came together to fit into a complete picture, with a nice frame. It all made sense. I understood that no matter how good I thought I was, I still did not and could not measure up to God’s standard of perfection. Jesus, God the Son, who was represented in the Jewish sacrifices, had paid the penalty for my sins. I realized that I needed a Savior, Jesus who had taken away my sin by His dying on that cross and shedding His blood. So, there, in the quietness of my room, with no one else around because I was fortunate to have a room to myself, I confessed with my mouth what now I truly believed in my heart, and received Jesus as Savior. So, my journey that probably started when I was 17 years old as a high school junior ended with me coming to the cross of Calvary when I was a 21 year old college junior.


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