All Talk …

I may have said it before, but I love words!  Words hold so much power.  We’ve probably all heard the saying, “all talk and no action!”  Sad to say, but I’ve been on both sides of that saying more times than I care to admit.  Words leave impressions, like footprints in the sand.  People struggle to overcome words spoken to them as children.  Relationships are broken or destroyed by unfulfilled spoken promises (Christopher Williams‘ hit comes to mind).  Words can strike blows to the spirit like gunfire, or be as medicinal as an antibiotic. Words set the stage for communication, depending on the tone used, and determine whether the message will be received or rejected.

But … what if we said what we meant, and meant what we said?  What kind of life could we build not just speaking words, but living by the words we speak?  What if misuse and disregard for the potency of words plays a part in how we regard the Word of God?  I mean, if Psalm 119:160 says that God’s word is true from the beginning then surely we must realize that the prophecies, judgments and promises given from Genesis to Revelation are true as well, right?  When God said, “thou shalt surely die” (Genesis 2:17), was he lying?  Did he go back on his word?

As these thoughts came to mind on my ride in to work today, I recalled a poem from my book titled, “What If.”  Being privy to hidden words can stain the soul.  That in itself is food for thought, and definitely worth pondering in the heart!  We all talk … but, the question becomes how have my words affected my life?

PS:  Enjoy the Poem!  And, I always love hearing from you so comments definitely WELCOME!


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