I Imagine

I imagine that there are people in this world who appear scarred beyond repair. I imagine as they drift in their existence that the only coping mechanism they were able to grab hold upon was numbness. Or darkness. Either would allow one to disconnect from reality and shut off all emotional passages that might lead to more damage.

I’ve heard that the first prayer God hears is the prayer of a repentant heart. Otherwise, the utterances of the lost are carried away upon the wind into nothingness.

On the other side of that spiritual coin, however, is the believer who embodies the transmitter (the Holy Spirit of God). The transmitter sends the data stored within our mind to the Receiver (Jesus Christ) that is located at the right side and plugged directly into the source of power (God, the Father).

I imagine…

“God hears my tears” ~ KCAUTHOR Ms. Wanda”

And he puts words upon my lips that someone may need to hear:


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