Fellas Beware – She May Not Care

Dear Brethren,

If the woman by your side doesn’t allow you to be open about the above things and spends more time trying to belittle you or attack your manhood, then you don’t have a woman by your side.

Know the difference between a woman who views her needs more important than yours. More than likely you’ll find this type to be less than a partner and more of a task.

This is not a woman bashing post. My brothers and sons need to know there is a difference between having just a female in their arms or beds versus having a woman whose character proclaims her virtue as wife material.

One thought on “Fellas Beware – She May Not Care

  1. You’d be surprised at how many times a man sits in his car, on his bed, in the bathroom, in the living room and hold in his tears because he’s so stressed or lost or confused or hurt or ready to give up. But when he shows his face again he looks perfectly fine, unbothered and still manages to smile and go about his day like nothing happened. Men you are some of the most resilient, but overlooked and under appreciated species. You go through so much

    Please remember You are the glue that holds everything together, your very presence is power, when you speak it resonates…in all that you go thru as you fight for not only who you are but who you are striving to be, just know it’s some people rooting and praying for you.

    When you can’t win the day, just keep winning the moment. Stay Strong.

    Please pass this to EVERY MAN you know.

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