My Soul Cries… S-t-r-e-t-c-h

Let me ask you; “Have you ever felt an inner unease or restlessness in your spirit where you can’t quite pinpoint the source of the feeling?” I’m sure this sounds eerie to some, but I’ve learned to pay attention to this feeling because my past has proven that it is seldom without merit.

I don’t watch the news or keep up with current events, politics or the such so I can’t pin it on those outside factors. Yet, I know something is in the wind, heading my way, and experience has shown it will become an exercise in spiritual and mental stretching. This I know: I must prepare myself for whatever is coming by praying in earnest.

Needing encouragement, I grab my first book, and find these words:

Philippians 3:13-15 – Page 37

In order to press forward to do that which we are called to do, we must make peace with the past! God has brought us this far for a reason and the past has already played its part in developing a part of our character.

Aim to do better, and be better for Christ with each new day. Do you want what God has for you? Then, press for excellence in the call God has placed upon your life. If anyone deserves the efforts of our very best it is Christ who gave His very best unto death!  Maybe you are facing something that is trying your patience or endurance.  Like me, you can probably use a little encouragement, so for all who may need a dose of uplifting, here’s a few words of comforting encouragement to help you along the way.

Matthew 7:12-20 Page 62

“The fruit of Love is an action word best confirmed by attitude and deed. The real thing shouldn’t be hard to see or feel. It will be sacrificial and compassionate in spirit, just as Jesus was. However, rotten fruit may still appear to be usable until you draw near and are met with a horrible smell that repels. For that reason, it is better to cut off anything that corrupts to keep from ruining the testimony of the Christian faith.

Psalm 22:22, 25 – Page 63

When we are knowledgeable about both our enemy and our Savior, there is little that should surprise us or catch us off guard. When you know that you are the prize in a spiritual tug-of-war, wisdom dictates that you prepare for the battle, that you stay alert, and that you map out your strategy for a sure victory.

Zephaniah 3:12 – Page 46

When there are no problems in our lives we tend to get lazy in our daily communion with God. We kind of get a faulty way of thinking toward God that says, “out of trouble, out of mind.” We mistakenly forget that troubles don’t last always, but neither will the calm days. Satan never, ever rests; he just changes tactics and disguises.

When my soul cries, “Prepare Arms,” my spirit says, “STRETCH”

to meet the unknown encounters that are ahead.

8 thoughts on “My Soul Cries… S-t-r-e-t-c-h

      1. Thank you Sister. As one of the like-minded Believers placed in my path as friend & confidant, I am thankful for the exchanges we share that strengthen us both. It’ s a win-win for us & the kingdom of God.


  1. Just to touch “ONE” – whether that be to win for Christ or strengthen, is more satisfying than any earthly reward.
    Please read the below testimony I received, and then PLEASE BE IN EARNEST PRAYER FOR MS. C ~ Thank You!

    Good morning Ms. Wanda,

    I would like to ask that throughout your day, would you partake with me in prayer and meditation on Isaiah 58?

    I’ve been thinking about you and wanting to reach out to you for about two weeks now. I have kept your book with me and the first poem that ministered to me is Afraid No More. See, I have been living in fear, fear of interviewing for new employment, fear of my anger, fear as to what to do in situations that I am unfamiliar with. I have been living in fear that has masked as anxiety.

    On Saturday, my son’s father picked up my son as usual and later that day, he received a letter to pay child support (I’ve been living in fear on what would happen if I did finally put him on it). So, once he received the letter, he called me and basically told me that he is keeping our son until things work out in court because I was not about to get any money from him.

    Long story short, Ms. Wanda I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH IT THIS WEEK. I had turned to child support, the Jackson county courthouse, legal aid, and the police and no one was able to help me because I do not have a court custody of my son.

    Then God revealed himself to me. He said you have turned every place and they weren’t able to help you. Are you ready to turn to me? He said to me that “D”… (my son) does not belong to you or his dad, “D”… belongs to me. I gave EVERYTHING over to God. Yesterday at church, I did the unthinkable and I asked before the congregation to pray for me, and I broke into tears!!!

    God placed me in such a place, that I had no choice but to give it over to him. He had my church family pray for me like I’ve never been prayed for before. Once we were finished praying, I felt a relief come off my shoulders!!!

    So, I thank you in advance for prayers (past and present) and I ask that you would take the time and meditate on Isaiah 58. I am fasting (for the first time) so I ask God for strength, and guidance as I go about this journey.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  2. You are like my alarm clock, right on time,especially in my time of need. I am grateful for your words from the true word.I am truly blessed to have you in my walk with God.I guess it’s true of the saying if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans cause I had no plan of hearing this when I needed to. Again keep me in your prayers and I humbly thank you for your words

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    1. Brother, we as “sons of God” and “joint heirs to the throne” must encourage each other. Like the Army, the buddy system in the spiritual war is necessary. God has a plan & its got your name on it! Keep marching forward. When you look back you are going to be amazed at how far he has brought you & the spiritual muscle you’ve been building along the way! Hallelujah! !


  3. It is nice to know that others are in the trenches and others are finding strength in the Lord during these times of stretching. Thanks to you all for being co-laborers in the work and traveling buddies on this journey to being conformed to His image.

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