Who Do You Love?

I was listening to this wonderful song by Zach Williams titled “Old Church Choir.”  If you get a chance, you should click on the link and go listen to it!  It made me think about why people go to church.  However, I realize I can’t answer that question for any one but myself.

The first and foremost reason why I attend church faithfully is because I LOVE THE LORD and I’m learning to demonstrate that love for him by practicing it in the church and in the world.  Not only that, I WANT TO STRENGTHEN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!  Doing so requires a daily relationship of talking and listening and learning – not just being religious-minded.

I love my churchI love my church family; the people and their heart for worship and serving each other and Christ.  It’s truly a family atmosphere where the majority is like-minded in their reasons for being a part of our church body.  I love the teachings that cover church history, bible doctrine, discipleship, sharing the word of God, rightly dividing the word, and so much more.  Being a person who doesn’t like history, I love learning, and there is so much I still don’t know.  But, I am building a knowledge base that helps me in my relationship with Christ and with others.

I’m a relational person which simply means I like getting to know people so I can connect with them, love on them, minister to them, be an ear to bend, and most importantly be a source of inspiration.

That’s the gist of my message today.  I love the Lord and I NEED HIM EVERY DAY! And that’s the message I hope the imagery below conveys!

Im Relational 112117

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