They Don’t Know You!


From my new book: Emotionally Charged: A Poetic Journey in the Issues of Life

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Today, I want to applaud the mothers who train up their daughters, and the daughters who listen and take heed, to know that their value as a person is reflected, not in the words they speak, but as a reality… 

  • In the character they exhibit
  • In the principles they stand on, and
  • In demonstration of their walk (biblically speaking)…

 These are they who will shine as the brightest DIAMONDS, even as they are ridiculed for holding firm to their virtue.

 VIRTUE is nothing but voluntary obedience to truth.

Poem-You Dont Know (Insert) 051217


4 thoughts on “They Don’t Know You!

  1. Love, love, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya Wanda and a blessed and loving Mother’s Day to you my sista 😉

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    1. Miss Wanda Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother Day. You deserve a day of pampering. May the Lord Bless you and get you safe and protected as you travel around the city. Enjoy!


      1. THANK YOU, Ms. Shirley. God has already given me my Mother’s Day present in the testimonies of those close to me. I appreciate you and thank you for staying close. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!


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