It Is Written: My Soul Cries “A Tribute”

I have some friends who are dealing with deaths in their family—some of them, multiple.  Death hit close to home this year. I lost an uncle who was the pillar of our “Pender” family based in Kansas City.  In the past, I greatly feared death. In 2006, the loss of a young man I knew in passing tore through my fears like a hurricane. I mourned the death of this child as if he were my very own.  Baffled by the depth of my tears and depression for weeks on end, I cried myself to sleep each night asking, “Lord, why—why him—why this son?”

The weight of my grief drove me into depression. I asked others to pray for me.  My breakthrough came as I lay silently crying one night:  Death is a Given—Accept it & Make Peace with it. God is the only one with power over it!  And, BOOM, there it was! Yet, to totally break the yoke of the fear these words followed:  God gave you children for a time and a purpose, just as He gave HIS SON for a time and a purpose?

My peace with death doesn’t mean I don’t sorrow for the lost. It means I take comfort in God’s arms and acknowledge this truth:  “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.” (Romans 14:8); and it will play out to the very end.

Today, I am sharing an excerpt from my first book, My Soul Cries… Holy, Holy, Holy, that I hope will give a new perspective on dealing with death.

MSCHHH-Tribute (042117)

4 thoughts on “It Is Written: My Soul Cries “A Tribute”

  1. My GOD, my sista !!!!!!!!!!!!! You know my story thru and thru. When I lost Boo, I came to an understanding of GOD’s will, way, purpose and dared not question or doubt Him. Absolutely I hurt and my heart bleeds for any parent(s) who loses a child but none of us are here to stay. Truth be told, we’ll all be in a much better place when we meet our Maker. Thanks for touching me so very deeply and GOD bless you always 😉 Love ya


    1. I’ve been ministering to a couple of people lately while also solidifying my strength as this world gets crazier and crazier…. We have to stand to help those who don’t know how!


  2. I think the hardest thing to experience is death whether a friend parent child or aunt or uncle niece or nephew or man best friend etc it just cuts to the depth of one soul. That is why God said oh death where is thy sting. Sorry for your lose my God give you comfort in knowing that if in Jesus there is hope. With out Jesus no hope. That is a hard concept for people to grab a hold of..Jesus is the only one who controls how long sorrow will last. But we aren’t suppose to morn as the world does, that is easier to said than done.Grief plays out differently in each person so who is to say how long one should morn. Good thought to think about.


    1. Hi Ms. Shirley…in whatever situation we find ourselves dealing with, God has to be the first CHOICE we look to. And while we each deal with life circumstances in differing ways, the end result we are all seeking is comfort, peace and God has both in abundance. Thanks for sharing!


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