Sow, Water, Harvest

Last year I went to a botanical garden in Buffalo, New York. I am fairly sure the last time I went to a botanical garden was in elementary or middle school.

Nature is beautiful, created by God from nothing. In his eyes … he saw that it was good … Genesis 1:6-25. I’m not the outdoors type, yet, I appreciate the beauty of God’s creations and their designs.

I love driving through neighborhoods and seeing beautifully manicured lawns. I think about all the seeding, planting, digging, uprooting, watering, and fertilizing that takes place to create such green beauty.

This leads me back to God, the Creator of EVERYTHING. And my thought today is this:

  • Are we sowing the seeds that bring about new life in Christ? God calls every believer to sow the gospel of Jesus Christ into their environment.
  • Are we watering spiritual seeds that have been sowed? We water by sharing how the power of the gospel has changed our life. God wants to use you wherever you are physically, wherever you are spiritually.
  • Are we gleaning (collecting or gathering small detached parcels) any spiritual fruit? In the 1828 Webster one harvest definition says in Scripture, harvest signifies figuratively the proper season for business such as a seasonable time for instructing men in the gospel. Matthew 9:37-38. If you teach what you’ve learned, you fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2.

The world is God’s garden (people). The spiritual seed is his Holy Word. Regardless of your spiritual gardening skills, every believer has the Holy Spirit of God living in them, who gives them power to proclaim Jesus Christ.

Be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to boldly sow, water, and harvest in your circle of influence. Therefore, I leave you with these spiritual fertilizers: Acts 4:12, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Romans 3:23, and Romans 10:9-11.

Happy Sowing, Watering, and Harvesting Day!

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