Youthful Dreams, Adult Realities

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I can’t say at the age of 5, I remember what I wanted to be. However, soon after starting grade school, I was in awe of my teachers. As a child, the teachers at my schools were very pleasant and kind. They were sincere in getting to know their students to help us explore our natural talents. I was so impressed with their love for working with us kids, even the ones in need of varying degrees of disciplinary action. Their dedication to each child inspired me to want to help others explore and develop their niche in life by becoming an elementary or middle school teacher.

Throughout school I got involved with creative writing, joined the Pep club, and became a cheerleader, all with a desire to inspire! However, soon enough I – 1) discovered my introversion and preference for very small groups of interaction, and 2) realized I adored children, but a career of teaching large groups of them on a daily basis would cause sensory overload. I came to the express conclusion that I would end up a candidate for a psych ward if I traveled down that career path.

I’m happy knowing I made a wise choice!

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