Stumbling Blocks – 2 Corinthians 11:23-33

Life can be really hard, and we have seen how great those hardships can be as we see the fallout from COVID. We know it’s easy to give up. Hardships can be stumbling blocks that hinder our spiritual growth if not looked at with a spiritual eye. When we respond to difficulties from the flesh’s perspective we miss the blessings, both physical and spiritual, that await us on the other side of our hardship mountain.

This is so relevant to Christians, as we walk our journey of life. We can be assured trials are inevitable. We will be tested through problems, issues, and uncertainty. We stumble over the co-worker’s unfavorable attitude, the doctor’s disheartening news, or a divisive church member. Whatever the dilemma may be, when difficulty comes and we face situations that challenge us, too often we are prone to give up. Sadly, that is the solution for most of us, me included.

Our problems are nowhere comparable to the deprivation the Apostle Paul suffered being a Christian. Paul was exposed to danger, opposition, and hardship. His spiritual teachings came under attack, as he faced daily pressures for his concern for the churches he had planted. Read 2 Corinthians 11:23-33 to attain spiritual understanding.

In all the hardships the Apostle Paul had to deal with, he did not consider giving up, and neither should we! When things become unbearable, take a break–reflect on past achievements, surround yourself with people who encourage you. Share your trials with a friend who will press you to continue to press forward. Pray and ask others to pray with you and for your weakness.

We can glory in God’s grace–it truly is sufficient for us in our weakness just as it was for the Apostle Paul. In so doing, we will make our stumbling blocks turn into paving stones and walk into our blessings. We can glory in the knowledge that God is waiting and willing to empower us to succeed.

Do you still want to give up?

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