My adult kids like to make fun of me by calling me the “one pot, repurposing food queen.” Why? Because I save and repurpose leftovers. In fairness to them let me say that 1) I really like food, 2) my taste buds aren’t particular, and 3) although I am not a great cook, I eat well.

Like little Mikey from an old 1980’s commercial- give it to Ms. Wanda cause she’ll eat ANYTHING (just about, but there are limits) 😂

Pasta Salad Leftovers (Olives/Grape Tomatoes)

Prices continue to rise, product sizes continue to decrease, and in due time, I will be a happy retiree whose income has decreased.

Understanding this, Proverbs 24:27 really hit home with me as I prepare for the next leg of my journey in life as a senior and this is what it says: Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house. This scripture covers everything we do and hope to do, in the beginning and all the way through to the end of life.

Super Bowl Cheese & Meat Tray Leftovers

As a senior, my primary goal of faith is to ensure that my latter days will be better (Proverbs 4:1, 8:33, 19:20) than my years before. And in doing so, I fully anticipate my lessened things will work out to provide for me a far greater blessing in my latter years of life.

The 2 dishes shone are the result of a half bag of spaghetti leftover (from creating a large cold pasta salad last week), plus sausage & cheese from the Super Bowl snack tray, and seasonings from the pantry.

They both TASTE as good as it looks 🙌🏽

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