I Said What I Said!

If there was one Old Testament truth that prevails in the world today, it is what Judges 21:25 says – In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes. 

And what is right in many people’s eyes is saying whatever they want to without regard to anything and anyone else. Many feel justified and entitled to say whatever, whenever, and however; in any environment. The art of discretion, sober-mindedness, and respect has diminished at an alarming rate.

Take the “Karens” of the world who so blatantly accost people walking in their neighborhoods or minding their own business in a store and eatery. The audacity blows my mind. You also have the “I’m just keeping it real” folks whose words destroy, dehumanize, and belittle friends and foes because it’s the truth!

  • There was a time we were taught not to use cuss words, especially not in front of our parents, at any age! Gone!
  • There was a time when we removed children from the earshot of the adult conversation. Gone!
  • There was a time we were taught manners and etiquette from the cradle and throughout the school. Gone!

When tired, frustrated, or hurt, I purposely distance myself to avoid accidentally offending someone because I may be in the wrong headspace. At such times, I am not as discreet, soft-spoken, or speaking in love as I should. When I err, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is powerful enough to send me running to the altar for forgiveness.

We must watch our tongues (and the body language that accompanies them)!

Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.
Psalms 141:3

I Said What I Said!

Additional verses to cross-reference Psalms 141:3: Psalms 17:3-5, 39:1, 71:8, Micah 6:5, James 1:26, 3:2

4 thoughts on “I Said What I Said!

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    | | | You hit the nail on the head. I am afraid thats the way things will be until  the peoples heats are changed and that won’t happen until they come    to God. That is just the way things are. and that is the way Jesus said     it would be. Unfortunate it’s our generation that has brought the world    into the church. 


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