Do You Care to Communicate?

Go into any business (government, private) and you will be met by someone who lacks communication skills. Unfortunately, it seems like people are more interested in hearing themselves sound off about something than they are about creating a bridge that connects our humanity.

In fact, many of us might be surprised to learn that the reason doors were closed to a business opportunity or a personal relationship had more to do with our lack of communication skills than with what we had to offer. Even now, there may be people close to us who feel we could definitely use some improvement in this area (spoken & unspoken).

Sound relationships require us to develop good communication skills. No one wants to waste their Words on deaf ears, and no one wants to share information (especially on matters of the heart) with someone who refuses to, at the least, empathize or sympathize with them.

And it’s not just WHAT YOU SAY, but HOW YOU SAY IT — with your lips, your facial expressions, and your body language!

Sound communication has 2 skill requirements — that you develop (1) good listening skills and (2) good speaking skills (which includes repeating what you heard the person say). The measuring tool is how well you do both.

  • Are any of your relationships suffering because of poor communication skills?
  • With whom do you have a strong relationship and how does your communication style boost the relationship?
  • Do you communicate from a place of hurt (woe is me), or a place of demand (you better acknowledge me), or desire to be known (what your character/principles are based on)?
  • Are there any areas in your life where better communication skills can benefit or elevate you or another?

It’s a win-win when we learn how to Speak and Listen well to others. But, it’s personally enriching when we learn how to speak and listen well to ourselves ♥️🦋♥️ so we can communicate our care towards ourselves and others.

4 thoughts on “Do You Care to Communicate?

  1. This is going to be a hard subject for some but a much needed one. I agree that communication as well as the lack of has damaged many relationships. Some think that it is only done with the voice but it’s so much more! Listening is so important, without it there can be no complete communication. We all must learn to listen better.

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  2. You know that not every one can communicate as you well know. I think you do a wonderful job speaking the truth I just thought Jesus didn’t use elaborate speak He spoke where people could understand Sure He could have used speech that was far above people head comprehension , He choose to use common language.
    Now Ms Wanda God has given you a gift of language and a gift of speaking and you do it well
    not every one can do that for you you have learn it well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on speaking
    well and for communitcating, you communitcate your thoughts so well.


  3. As a christian that is something I have been working on.Starting with (Eph 4:29 ).The ability to communicate effectively is a skill.and I am not sufficient within myself to think or speak anything wise or good without God.Preparation of the heart is key.( Prov 16:1) Good communication is needed in all aspects of life. I am learning it is never to late to acquire and speak goodly stock of words to strengthen my communication ability.I strive to hear swiftly and to speak slowly.( James 1:9) I want to learn to Speak Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. With tears of gratitude and humility, thank you for THE WORD:

      Ephesians 4:29
      Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

      Proverbs 16:1
      The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.

      James 1:19
      Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:


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