2 thoughts on “Where Your Words Count Most

  1. U are so right one doesn’t know what one has gone through only God. He is the only one who can heal the hurts the void areas of our heart.Only people can hurt and u with what we say do. And when people say hurtful things and they ask forgiveness and still don’t want any thing to do with you and that hurts too, Or you try and make mends and the people in the family say hurtful things I sure glad Jesus doesn’t do that. Look what pain our sins did to Him. and He forgives us.
    And still wants a relationship with us.

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  2. It’s sad to say but the traumatized often come to church seeking healing ❤️‍🩹 and, unfortunately, in some places are impacted even more by those who have forgotten they once were lost too; or, by those of the synagogue of Satan who have come in unawares. We each have to individually do our part to be apart of the solution as ambassadors for Christ by ensuring we are seeking healing for ourselves as well.


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