His head bowed, and on bended knee

I hear my father praying for me

Soundless, motionless – he utters no words

His posture is strong and relaxed

Unto the untrained eye he appears asleep

But I notice the water lines upon his cheeks

I question: Am I the cause of my father’s tears?

I know that I’m not always at my best

It often seems I fail the most simple tests

Trying to be me and conform to no other

Is that the burden I’m placing upon his shoulder?

What have my mischiefs done to break his heart,

That he can’t even utter the words out loud?

I feel ashamed that I’ve made him less than proud

Disappointed in being my father’s wayward child

I try slowly to back out through the door, saddened

He calls my name, softly raising his extended hand

I tremble that he’s caught me in a fault again

For he is the man I love

I am ashamed that he cries

My own tears wet the nook of his neck

His soothing words as we embrace

I drown in his arms, my face awash

As my daddy whispers with loving care

That forever I am his and he is mine

And, I never need fear that it will change

Says he, … For you are loved of me, 


6 thoughts on “UNCONDITIONALLY

  1. Unconditional love is one of the most powerful tools God has given us, both to bless our own hearts and to draw others to his side by our demonstration of that love.

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