Emotionally Charged…

Today I am sharing from my latest book, Emotionally Charged: A Poetic Journey in the Issues of Life.  It’s easy to be lured into a false sense of “self-righteousness” when comparing your struggles with that of others. Experiences that are detrimental [defined as: injurious; hurtful; causing loss or damage] can take you to very dark places not easily broken. 

Jeremiah’s depression was a dark place; yet, in the midst we find words of faith-based comfort:

It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.

Jeremiah 3:22 

Maybe you can identify, maybe not. Yet the struggles are real in … Cursed Cravings?



2 thoughts on “Emotionally Charged…

    1. Thanks, Ms. Bella. I hope you’ll click the follow+ button in the bottom right hand corner to follow so that you are notified each time I post something new. We so miss you both, but we know that God has plans for each of us that always fit in with our desires. Hug my brother for me, and you guys stay in touch. LOVE YOU!!


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