About Me

Wanda-ChurchReady 032016Just call me … Ms. Wanda!

I want you to get to know me, so I am setting out my Personal Resume for my readers in simple sentences:

My name is Wanda J. Murry – but I like being called “Ms. Wanda.”

  • I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • I am a church attending, faithful participating member of the body of believers of Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri.
  • I am an inspirational writer, author, a mother and grandmother.

Like everyday people whether saved by Christ or unsaved/rejecting Christ, I have issues that I work through each and every day.  I have no soap box or judgment seat to speak from – I have failures and I have victories like everyone else.  As I grow in my relationship with Christ, I am growing into a better me for Christ.  This only means that I am continually learning and growing to make better decisions that better represent Jesus Christ, and this is the joy of my salvation.

I have been writing since I was 13 years old. Poems, short stories, encouraging words, letters to myself, letters to my enemies, business letters, creative works for church programs … you name it!  Writing is a talent and gift, and in 2010 I exposed it in my first published inspirational book, My Soul Cries…Holy, Holy, Holy (AuthorHouse, 2011). I recently exposed myself again in November 2016 with the published release of Emotionally Charged: A Poetic Journey in the Issues of Life (CreateSpace, 2016).  See my KCAuthor page for links to my works.

This blog is all about writing what is placed upon my heart to inspire others, and shed light on the glory of a risen Savior who wants to save the whole world! It will touch on the issues of life, and the issues of the world being played out in a multitude of arenas: social media, news, Hollywood, government, world news, etc.

My expectation is that you will LIKE me, DISLIKE me, FOLLOW me, or totally IGNORE me.

Your comments are very much welcomed, especially if something I write inspires or encourages you in any way.

I am not here to debate my faith – only to PROCLAIM IT!

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