Help Meets Know the Truth🙏

God created the woman with a capacity to give so much to help her husbandmen (Jesus, your marital husband, and your boss/work authority) and ENCOURAGEMENT goes a long way! Plus, it costs you very little to utter a few words that let him know you are one of his biggest supporters.

Men were made to lead, be strong, and be of good courage, but sometimes … they will find themselves struggling to lead, feel weak, and be discouraged by all the weights placed on their shoulders. They are no different from us when it comes to managing responsibilities and life in general.

Today is a good day to Encourage a man in your life with the Word of God.

Remind him of his God-ordained role (to govern and direct without a dictatorship mentality) and encourage him to invite God into every situation; and ask God to shine His Glorious Light into their day and provide guidance along the way!





2 thoughts on “Help Meets Know the Truth🙏

    1. You may not have a man but you have husbands — all women in Christ do & it’s Jesus Christ and your employer. We are espoused to Christ and though he doesn’t need our encouragement, he wants us to be a help meet by following 2 Timothy 2:2. Your employer is a husband an type and we are called to work as unto the Lord. So you are still a “wife” in Christ, to Christ.


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